ADM and Loomix Feed

Adm and Loomix feed have teamed up to provide the very best in feed choices for all of your animals big and small.

Loomix is the nation’s oldest, most trusted manufacturer of liquid feed supplements in the cattle industry. Continually working with universities and other prominent institutions, our products are scientifically researched, tested and proven to provide significantly increased performance to cattle producers, making Loomix the choice of cattlemen across the country.


ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc is a leading producer of livestock feed ingredients. Our processing techniques help us extract the maximum value from grains and oilseeds to create nutritious feed products that yield superior results in cattle, swine, poultry, goat, equine, companion animal and specialty species.

We also have the ability to offer custom made feeds through a partnership with Valley View Milling. Cattle mineral, creep feeds, and custom balanced ration mixes are all available in bulk!